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25 November, 2010

( 88 ) Blog....

craving for foods...
lets visit belle new blog..

"mami loveS to cook "

de new me,
adzani aka a'd

24 November, 2010

( 87 ) My crazinest _ part 03

My crazinest _ part 03

Marcom Dept + Mohan Feruni HQ

Broga Hills watching sunset

Bagan Lalang Ong proposed Pui Chee

Tree Top Walk Jambatan Gantung

de new me,
adzani aka a'd

23 November, 2010

( 86 ) Cute Quote

p/s :

new years is coming....very-very soon...
and now started to think what will be my NEW signature for next years.

: this year De New Me.. huhuhu..
(after im breaking off with my-x.)

so its representing my new spirit, new life, next years..?
hmm.. think..think.. and soon will use new one.
well in my mind already have, but still searching for the BEST .. hehe.. peace.

de new me,
adzani aka a'd

18 November, 2010

( 85 ) Hari Ghaye Haji

celebrate Hari Ghaye Haji @ Kg
and this is very not NICE picture..
hahahahah... i means..
( main belasah jak.. peace ... )

oh men.....
he becoming more OVER then me..
introducing my nephew FARISH

day and day he become more like me.. his auntie..
+ more DRAMA ever..
( see the latest picture )

de new me,
adzani aka a'd

15 November, 2010

( 84 ) Blog Alin..

i luv u to...

>>> alin <<<

thanks for making a post bout me.. muax....

de new me,
adzani aka a'd

12 November, 2010

(83) Hanoi & Halong Bay Feruni Trip

day 1

5 nov 2010

2am gather at office

shuttle bus to LCCT fly with Airasia

from Malaysia to Hanoi around 3hours 20min

different hours between the country was only 1hours late.

the weather was windy.

Tandoor (Indian Cuisine)

- Thang Long temple – we meet finalist of Miss Vietnam 2010

- Have lunch at Tandoor (Indian Cuisine) at 24 Hang Be Street.

- Continued our journey to Halong Bay (4 hours) and have our telematch at beach.

- Dinner at nearby restaurant

- Buying survenior at nearby Night Market.

day 2

6 nov 2010

check-out from the hotel and our next destination.

check-in Prestige Hotel

- using cruise to Cave Hang Sung Sot

- having lunch on the boats. (seafood)

- go back to hotel (Cc Ngei speech + dinner + final for telematch)

day 3

7 nov 2010

breakfast at hotel and a bit late because someone was late ~haiyooo rusli.. huhu

Ho Chi Minh

- Puppet show

- Taking compony trip picture at Lake

- Lunch buffet 135,000 dong at Hanoi Marina (12, Pho Pan Vu)

- Visit Ho Chi Minh museum

- Shopping at Thang Long (street) variety of stuff

day 4

8 nov 2010

still sleepy. Our morning call was 5am.

We have breakfast early in the morning.

Then from the hotel travel around 1++ hrs to airport.

safely reach Malaysia around 3pm and having lunch at Curve. Huhuhuh..

de new me,

adzani aka a’d

04 November, 2010

(82) post SERABUT -





tua xsemestinya BYK PENGALAMAN....
muda xsemestinya BODOH....
( w/pun umur daku kecik nk dibandingkn ngan kmu tp in Construction Line i've been working 5yrs with main-contactor and i.d firm...)

diam xbermakna SETUJU....
tulisan "besar" sms bkn bermaksud KURANG AJAR...
(cuma kdg2 nk tetapkn pendirian supaya lbh paham....)

TITTLE di segulung kertas...
xsemestinya menunjukkan kamu LEBIH PANDAI dari daku..
(kalu daku interview kamu tp xmenyakin jgn harap la daku kn ckp "yes" to bos)


sekadar lepas geram sorang diri ~ keputusannya... HATI DAKU GUMBIRA..

ada daku kesah.. xkot...

de new me,
adzani aka a'd

02 November, 2010

(81) my crazinest _ part 02

My crazinest _ part 02

kara0eke centre after wed's

bandung - indonesia factory outlet

jusco jb restaurant

de new me,
adzani aka a'd

01 November, 2010

(80) my crazinest _ part 01

My crazinest _ part 01

bandung - indonesia our homestay

dewan d'klana - kelana jaya eda& usop wed's

krispy kreme - berjaya times sq feruni fondation

garden - mid valley outing with yan

de new me,
adzani aka a'd